Every Monte & Coe design is handcrafted in limited quantities by small family run businesses in Toronto, Canada.

Sustainably Created in Limited Quantities

At Monte & Coe we take pride in our local, small-batch production.

This allows us to have complete control over the production process and allows us to enforce strict quality control measures.

By producing in limited batch quantities, we can maximize the yield on our leather and wool, limiting waste and disposal.

We utilize as much scrap material to produce our smaller accessories.

Socially Responsible Production

Having local production gives us comfort that we are able to have a relationship with everyone involved in the creation of Monte & Coe products.

We visit our factories every week and get to know all the men and women who devote their skills to bring Monte & Coe to life.

Production facilities are safe and temperature controlled so that all craftspeople are always comfortable.

All of our production team are paid above-average wages and receive annual vacation per local government standards.

Old World Techniques

Every Monte & Coe product is made using old-world techniques, rarely seen in modern manufacturing.

Every piece is hand-cut, hand-stitched, and hand-painted, ensuring world-class quality in each handcrafted product.

The artisan quality and skill that goes into every Monte & Coe is unrivalled for travel bags and travel accessories in our price range.

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